At some point, you just move forward
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And Ends

Getting us and our possessions on the road was living proof of Murphy’s Law. From packing to shipping our car to motel reservations and plane tickets and Frank having to throw himself to the ground several times to dismantle my new electric scooter to get it in and out of cabs, it was a nightmare.

We set out early the next morning from New York, and between one glitch and another, didn’t arrive at our new house in the Missouri woods until late that night, exhausted and nerves frayed.

Frank wanted to go to a hotel for the first night, but I insisted on what I thought was a better plan. I swooped through the big-box store on my new wheels and grabbed air mattresses and bedding. A brilliant plan.

When we got back to the house, only then did I see the instructions on the air mattresses: “Must be charged for 12 hours before inflating.” So we slept on the floor, sung to sleep by hundreds of bullfrogs in the woods.

Who says you can’t go home again?  

May 21, 2008   No Comments