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My First Moleskine

As a long-term keeper of journals, over 30 years now, I’m amazed that I’ve just ordered my first Moleskine. Oh, I’d heard about them and read about them, and in my head, I pronounced it in two syllables: mole-skin or mole-skine.

Then at the journal conference, I saw and examined several of them (Thanks guys!) and felt the heft and richness. And acid free!

Although I spend much of my time now journaling in computer programs, my introduction to journals and diaries was on paper. When I’m tired, stressed, or ill, I love to speak one of my favorite phrases: [Read more →]

June 27, 2008   2 Comments

The World as Seen from New York’s 9th Avenue

When I announced our move back to the Midwest, my New York friends and acquaintances had lots of comments, chief among them: [Read more →]

June 27, 2008   No Comments