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Meet Me in Denver for the Power of Writing Conference

Rain, rain, rain all this spring. The parsley and zucchini flourish, but the cucumber and collard plants look a bit pale. No big garden plowed. Three tomato plants get leggier and leggier before being transplanted, and the hostas wait to be planted in a triangular shade garden. The rain beats down the geraniums, petunias, and lobelia to tatters.

I may just call the neighbor who volunteered to plow my garden and say, “Shall we build an ark, then?” One learns to wait when nothing else is possible. Some day soon a garden will make itself a reality.

In the meantime, the way opened at work for me to attend the Denver conference on The Power of Writing in Denver on June 18 to the 21. I’ll join Kathleen Adams (pioneer of therapeutic writing  and author of several books on journaling, including Journal to the Self) and her keynote speakers: psychological researcher James Pennebaker (author of Writing to Heal and Opening Up), Tristine Rainer (author of The New Diary and Your Life as Story), and Christina Baldwin (author of Life’s Companion: Writing as a Spiritual Quest and other books on the power of writing). It’s a blend of the art and science of writing as a powerful force to guide and heal.

So garden plans are put on hold, and I’m busily making reservations for planes, shuttles, and hotel rooms, and am connecting with my long-time on-line journaling group (12 years and counting).

Happy spring to one and all as we navigate Mother Nature’s whims and dictates.


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