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The World as Seen from New York’s 9th Avenue

When I announced our move back to the Midwest, my New York friends and acquaintances had lots of comments, chief among them: “You won’t have anyone to talk to.”

There had been other remarks through the years: “How did you hear about Shakespeare?” (the same way you did) and “How did you even know there was anything else?” (the same way you did). I’ve been asked about Indians, log cabins, and covered wagons, and was told I’d be a pioneer in the arts in the Midwest.

No, my great-great grandparents were pioneers in the arts here.

As I was thinking about all this today, I stumbled onto this blog post that includes Saul Steinberg’s famous New Yorker cover I so love because so many of my friends seemed to endorse its perspective.

Maybe we all need a taller perch from which to view the world.



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