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Discover the Healing Powers of Journal Writing

Journal writing has become a part of my life I wouldn’t want to miss. The act of writing into a beautiful book or a computer program while reflecting on my emotions, feelings, and experiences is one that allows me to discover who I am and what makes me tick as a person. While the benefits of journal writing may seem obvious, many people toy with the idea but struggle to get started or to continue.

Some get stuck with journal writing ideas and give up before they start. If you struggle with writing in a journal, feel free to use some of the following ideas to assist your creativity:

l    Write small, daily excerpts of your continuing life story—even just a sentence or two or a small list

l    Create a mind map with doodling or sketching and journal your progress with visual prompts.

l    Set the timer for five or ten minutes and write like mad.

l    Ask yourself a question that needs to be answered and write down possible solutions.

l    Daydream and write answers to questions like what if…?, I wish…., I want…., Right now….., etc.

Journal writing prompts such as the ones above are great to get you going, especially if you are new to journaling. But what about the benefits? I’m glad you asked.

Journal writing benefits can be huge. You can find solutions to your everyday problems by writing in a journal. This has the benefit of making you more balanced, relaxed, and happy. Big problems have the tendencies to become small when you write them down. Writing something down can provide you with another perspective on your life. As Hannah Whithall Smith wrote: “Trials assume a very different aspect when looked down upon from above than when viewed from their own level. What seems like an impassable wall on its own level becomes an insignificant line to the eyes that see it from the top of a mountain.”

Although journals aren’t just a platform for writing down problems, some people tend to write more when they’re upset or anxious. Journaling is an excellent tool to work through difficult situations. You may become more reflective when you’re working on some issue.

Sometimes you may just be too busy and happy to write because you’re in the business of experiencing life in its fullness. If you’re happy, then live. Happiness prompts you to live large, have fun, revel in the moment. Let yourself experience the rhythms of life: Live a little, write a little—Live a little, write a little. You don’t have to write every day.

One of the benefits of journaling is being able to relive our joyful moment. You can remember and re-experience your times of happiness and satisfaction. It’s like living twice—or as often as you reread what you’ve written.

Other benefits of journal writing are the feelings of joy you experience when you solve a problem. Your journals will be a great tool to aid you in reading between the lines and gain insights about your needs and behaviors as well as those of others. Your subconscious mind has the ability to surface when you write in a journal. It can awaken your awareness and bring unconscious material to the conscious mind. It’s a bit like dreaming. You can gain so many insights into your life and why you do the things you do when you record and analyze your dreams.

The same happens when you journal. You don’t even have to purposely analyze your journal. Just by taking some reflective time (daily or as you will) you will begin to see previously hidden patterns of behavior.

In short, journal writing is a very powerful healing practice. Every single person experiences moments that put pressure upon us.

Dealing with these pressures can become difficult for some, therefore making it even more important to write in a notebook or journal. Feelings like stress, anxiety, fear or depression can soon lead to a downward spiral. Journal writing eases this type of stress.

You owe it to yourself and to your happiness to discover the soothing, healing powers of journal writing, if you haven’t already done so.