At some point, you just move forward
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Getting Started

“Start where you are.”
Pema Chödrön

We are the stories we tell ourselves. To tell ourselves deeper, truer, more compassionate stories is to build the life our hearts long for.How can you create new life stories to help yourself to see possibilities where there seem to be none? How do you remind yourself of your forgotten dreams? How do you begin to open yourself to the deepest and most wonderful possibilities lurking beneath the surface of your life? You could try one or more of these powerful suggestions: 

Find or create a supportive, growth-oriented group of people who will form a community for New Life Story goals.

Work with a coach or possibility therapist.

Learn to coach yourself.

Write your own New Life Stories. Write a new script for your life. Keep a journal.

Take a workshop to learn the basics of the work.

Surround yourself with inspiring books, people, and experiences.