At some point, you just move forward
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Love to Write?

Congratulations! You have at your fingertips one of the world’s most powerful methods for transforming your life and your world. This technology is available to you any time of the night or day, in any circumstance.

You can write on your computer or by hand in any number of formats: spiral or loose-leaf notebooks, beautiful bound journals, fancy paper, scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, where and how you’d like to write.


Hate to write? Don’t let the phrase “rewriting your life” scare you. See it as a metaphor. There are many ways you can rewrite and reinvent your life even if you’d rather sit on cactus than pick up a pen:

Talk into a recording device: You might want to have a tape recorder small enough to carry around with you or use in the car. When insights strike you, just push the button and talk. Listening to the tapes will refresh your memory about the self-discoveries you’ve made. You may want to have the tapes transcribed.

Have a friend interview you to bring out thoughts you’d forgotten. You may be stimulated to think of your life in a different way.

Turn on the video camera: Sit in a comfortable chair to interview yourself, ask and answer questions about what you really want from life. This method has the advantage of recording your facial expressions and body postures in a video diary. You’ll be able to record changes in yourself over time and document your progress in a concrete way. 


Speak into a computer voice-recognition program such as Dragon Naturally Speaking: Simply speak your thoughts and feelings into the computer, which will then record everything for you. The software gets more and more sophisticated every month and prices continue to plummet.


Think about ideas you’ve encountered in your reading or discussions. You might want to use prompts to get you thinking and/or writing.



You could find or form an ongoing writers’ group for extra support. You may want to create or join an e-mail group or meet in person. Many such groups have stayed together for years.


The bottom line? You can change your life “for good,” and there are many ways to do so. You can take a step right now. What if you invented a new version of your life? Or what if you finally began to listen to the dreams and stories your heart has whispered to you all these years?