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Powerful Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a writer’s weapon against writer’s block. Sometimes, when we want to write we simply get stuck and nothing happens. Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? Guaranteed frustration alert! Even a million writing prompts can’t help in this particular moment.

The best thing to do when this happens is to walk away and smell the flowers. It’s bad enough for bloggers, but it can be even more frustrating when you try to update your journal and nothing happens. Powerful writing prompts can help you to counteract those annoying incidents.

Yes, I admit it right here. Sometimes I do get annoyed when I immerse myself into my rituals to write in my journal. After all, it’s “me time and I look forward to those reflective and nurturing moments. Therefore, when my brain refuses to coordinate with my writing hand, I feel the rising frustration bubble up within me, which of course doesn’t help the cause one bit.

So I use creative writing prompts, and I play mind games with myself. My favorite mind games are the “What if” writing prompts. I never fall short of inspiration when I ask myself those “What if” questions. A particular favorite is “What if I had 1 million dollars?”

You could also ask yourself this: “What if I lived in…(insert your dream destination).” Or, “what if I wouldn’t have to work tomorrow?”

A more disturbing question that could prompt some interesting answers is “What if I only had 3 months to live?” Whatever questions you ask yourself, make them challenging because they will then become persuasive writing prompts.

Powerful stuff!

Other writing prompts I sometimes use are picture prompts. Picture prompts for writing are easy to find. Just sit in your garden. Or look at your family album. Pictures don’t have to be photos either. They could be objects, mental images, dreams, or collages. If you hold an image in front of you, it is good enough to serve as a picture prompt for writing. And, you can have a lot of fun with this method. It always reminds me of my childhood. Children can be so much more intuitive and creative than adults.

The best writing prompts for journaling can be found when we tap into our creativity. Deep within each of our souls lives a hidden child. A child who loves to discover, play, nurture, and have fun. Finding this inner child is part of the journey we take when we journal.

Your journal writing prompts can be found all around you. Look at your kids, pets, your home, your garden, your friends. If you open your eyes wide enough, you can discover the most simple and amazing things. These will be ideal writing prompts to pen down your own special moments in time.

By using your creative side, you will automatically find persuasive writing prompts. I think sometimes we simply try too hard, and by trying we miss so many things right in front of our nose. My suggestion is to find a quiet spot and let loose. Tap into your inner child, that child-like part of yourself, and you will never be stuck again for powerful writing prompts.